Scott Monument

sweaty palms

I must really be getting old – i paid 5 quid to walk up this bunch of sandstone bricks built in 1840 with gale force wind.. ok maybe not gale force, but when your on a staircase that is 2 foot wide in the fresh air it feels like a gale force 😉

I would have done this in a heartbeat when I was a kid – and that is what Chaos did, she had no problems, just successfully scaring the crap outta dad by hanging off the bars 🙂 I really considered turning around and going back down 🙂 now before ya'all judge me, the stairs on the last platform are really small in height, width and depth, mjusta been designed for midgets, me, being slightly larger (height) then the average dude with size 14 shoes it was abundantly clear that they did not think of me when making this spiral staircase, i had to squeeze out the top of this stair case (like a cork coming out of a fine scottish whiskey bottle) to get to the top viewing platform.. did i mention those gale force winds…? and the fact that this thing is over 150 years old…;)

The tower is a 200 ft and 6 inches tall, the fact they include that 6 inches is kinda funny 🙂

The walk down is not much chop either. I lost another 1000 brain cells as I hit me head on each spiral staircase … really they could have just added another foot to the height of the staircase 🙂

What would be cool tho is to get a sheet of mdf and sit on that and go down the stair case.. that would also sort out the traffic issues and right of way problems 😉

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