no really, its called a "silver-eye" 🙂
and they love these wild tobacco plants with the fruit on them, however I did wonder whether they were going for the fruit or the insects that lived around them.

In any case, I was lucky to get this little guy, they move so very fast and are very wary of a unco bloke clumping around the bush 😉

I have much respect for birder's – the sheer time and patience you need to get a good shot is often mind boggling, then to try and get one with the light in the right angle, clear of branches..blah blah…hard work man!

Single frame
Exif/setup data:
D7000 coupled with 300mm Nikkor f4 @300mm and a Nikkor 1.4X teleconverter which equals 630mm (1.5*1.4*300) on a crop sensor camera.
Aperture: f/6.7 and Shutter Speed: 1/750s
ISO 1100

I welcome any suggestions, comments and improvements to my photography, they are always warmly welcomed and I always appreciate the time people take to have a look, plus and/or comment.

44 thoughts on “Silver-eye

  1. thank you for putting info about this beautiful bird. I find that so many will post a picture of a bird with no info about it. I love to learn about birds! Thanks again!!!

  2. And I…thought it was vireo…such a beauty…they teach to search their eyes, then coloring, to wing bars, and tails….I was stunned at its beauty…your something else….☆

  3. Thanks +Will Helliwell – I use the general rule for minimum shutter speed, ie shutter speed = 1/focal length. In my case the focal length was equivalent to 630mm, then minimum handhold shutter speed is 1/630s, i usually bump it up a bit.. ISO is selected to get the correct exposure, in this case 1100, but that depends on your camera and also the aperture of your lens. Hope that helps a bit..

  4. +O. Sydney
    the 300mm f4 (nikkor) is ok, it's a bit heavy but manageable, the only time I have had problems is over a full day at a airshow or something. Plus, i got big muscles 🙂 (you will find that funny if you every see me 🙂 )

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