When i visited here on my way home the other day i was planning to skip these upper falls… they have been photographed so much and I thought the world does not need another one wink emoticon however when i got there.. I thought i'll just take one pano here smile emoticon Now I am glad I did.
I saw on the news today that a young bloke lost his life here just the other day when he slipped and fell from the top falls, i was not not gonna bother editing this picture, however a small gesture i can make to this young guy and his family is to dedicate this picture to them. RIP mate.

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Exif love:
12 vertical frames stitched together, then cropped a bit 'cause I did not like all that water in the foreground 🙂
D750 coupled with Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 @ 24mm Aperture: f18 and Shutter Speed: 3s
exposure comp -0.3EV
ISO 0.3 under 100 (to get the longer shutter speed)
Out front – CPL only and a beautiful set of falls.

9 thoughts on “Somersby

  1. Gerard – If we all stopped taking photos which have be done to death, that would be the time to ditch the camera and take up golf. Very nice picture and the first image I have see of these falls.

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