Sparkle Bursts

Sydney City skyline and the famous Sydney Opera house to the right.
I think i am pretty well new year eve'ed out already, I have seen so many amazing pictures of the event and its amazing to see all the different angles and nooks and crannies that people get to to take a picture of them.

Cremorne point had a good view onto the city skyline and there were some really sweet fireworks, my favorites were the multicolour star bursts, a pyrotechnics wet dream i reckon, i can only imagine the preparation it takes to make this stuff happen.

21 thoughts on “Sparkle Bursts

  1. +Julie Blamire if you're looking to put out the picnic rug and chairs you'd likely have to stake out the whole day. In this case I arrived after 8PM and was lucky enough to find a spot down on the rocks before 8:30PM and Gerry joined me about 15 minutes after. Note that where we were was on the rocks so nowhere really to sit or lay down so not the sort of spot a family or group of friends would want.

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