Special Day

SO, we had this great idea as we climbed up on the Sydney Harbour bridge to use our 8 seconds of free, yes you read that correctly you do get something for free on the bridge climb (besides the hat).. free video time to tell the world, well those listening anyways, so we had something special to tell :). However there was a minor issue at hand, besides the fact that its hard to think of something witty to say in 8 seconds, especially if your me 😉 that minor issue was the fact that I really should have pursued a career in radio cause my deep voice (you have to say that with the appropriate level of deepness too) kinda got lost in the video, and you know what, it was the most witty-est and clever thing I have ever said 🙂 shame ya'all will never see it 🙂

So, this is the next best thing I suppose and I really had to get it soon, 'cause our first child, chaos is not really very good at keeping secrets and has been stealing all my thunder in recent days.

So onto that news… I got a new career in radio 😉

nah, its better than that, first there was Chaos, then Tickles (aka mayhem) and now there will be roo's (aka pandemonium) and I am gonna need a bigger car 🙂

So, thankyou to our lovely photographer and bridge climb guide for taking our picture and thankyou to our two wonderful children for being so great to mum 🙂 and congrats to Sarah (and me I suppose, someone has to do all the heavy lifting 🙂 )

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