Drunk Octopus

There are two key important points in this post, they both relate to the main subjects in the photo 🙂

The first is shoes, i suspect like many kids, trying to keep shoes on this child is like trying to keep 8 shoes on a drunk octopus 🙂 it seems like I spend half my day picking up shoes or asking someone to put their shoes on 🙂 That said I was grateful Chaos did at least pose for me at the base of this fig tree. That leads me to the second point.

There alots of high profile trees being turned into chipwood for various infrastructure projects around Sydney and plenty of people out having a protest about it. Whether you agree with it or not, just spare a thought for these people who do care enough about just a bunch of trees to get out there and voice their opinions and try and stand up for they think is right, put aside you 'greenie' or leftie' or rightie' slogan and have a think about why they do it – its often a darn sight more than what the average punter would, most who are the best armchair critics out there. When you see fig trees like this in sydney, which are well in excess of 100 years old simply planting 1000 more to replace it really a slap in the face, the point that is often missed is that 'time' is worth sooo much more, kinda hard to enjoy a 1000 seedlings the same way one enjoys a 100+ year old tree. I don't reckon chaos gets the some out of a 3 metre trees as one that towers over her like this.

Down at my local park, where I often take the girls for a BBQ at the back corner, the road is being widened as part of the westconnex and the sydney water de-sal line and the electricity cables, it had become the site of one these protests, futile? yes in some ways since they chipped all the trees there anyway and then laid blame to the protesters. What I do know for sure that I will not be enjoying that part of the park for much longer, irrespective of how many seedlings are planted – what is actually more concerning is the proposed development of a large apartment block along this widened road, it seems so very convenient that these things happen together 😉 I am all for new housing, however there is only so much space for people and whilst Sydney park is pretty big, it has certainly become much much busier over recent years – i remember when it was a dive of place and no one would go there after dark 😉

That said, geez the artist impression of the westconnex interchange next to sydney park looks freakin' awesome, wonder how long it'll take for the trees to grow to the size shown 😉

That also segway's nicely to another point, if we were in norway they would just put all that shit in a tunnel 😉

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