33 thoughts on “Tetris Coastline

  1. +Chris Sutton I see you have the sony RX100 II, that's a great little camera, lots of latitude to learn, definitely one of the best cameras in that size 🙂 I got one for the wifey and I have been banned form using it ever since 🙂

  2. +Gerard Blacklock Wife researched and bought it for my recent birthday, a complete surprise! Thrown into the deep end with RAW files and now trying to figure out Lightroom. Haven't had this much fun for ages 🙂 (and my wife is getting the bug now)

  3. here's lr tip +Chris Sutton , Turn off any other editing/filing programs and MAKE yourself work with LR only. And get a great book like Scott Kelby's. It's can be a pain to work out and understand but once you have a handle on lr it will do most of your editing soooo much faster than PS.

  4. +Ian Browne Thanks Ian, I'll check that book out. Given my photoshop activity is restricted to contrast and brightness changes, and I don't use any other editors or filters, I'm kinda starting from scratch 🙂

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