The Difference Time Makes…

Frankly, I don’t think I see images any better now than the day I got my first DSLR 🙂

This is a great example, I visited the Ellenborough Falls back in 2007 (Dec) back when I had just got my first fresh D80 DSLR, i was shooting jpegs then 🙂 I had also just gotten my first tripod (the same one I have now, albeit, corroded and with significantly less paint). I took this shot and it was one of the first.. actually along with a picture of the falls the first ever canvas prints, one is still in Chaos’s room and the other at my mums..

So, I went back recently, i delibrately did not look at my previous images since I really wanted to see what I woudl come up with :)..the result, compositionally pretty well the same, however the newer gear, the processing knowledge and other little tricks I think have helped, so I am probably incorrect in saying I am not any better now, well I certainly hope I am 🙂

onto the images.

Tallowood Tree 2007 (Dec)

Ellenborough Falls - Tallowood 2007 (c) Gerard Blacklock

Ellenborough Falls – Tallowood 2007
(c) Gerard Blacklock

Tallowood Tree 2015 (Feb)


Ellenborough Falls - Tallowood 2015 (c) Gerard Blacklock

Ellenborough Falls – Tallowood 2015
(c) Gerard Blacklock

2 thoughts on “The Difference Time Makes…

  1. this will annoy you then…..I prefer the file from 2007 😮 More realistic compo (lens length) and more natural colours; especially the red/orange.

    tick tock tick tock lol

    I have been staring at and fiddling with these files for 20 minutes trying to work it out. Each image looks great by itself however the two files together makes it confusing to say the least . Amazing how lenses can affect how we see the same thing

  2. Cheers Ian, in hindsight your right, the recent image looks a bit too saturated, as you mentioned the reds seemed too cooked, the biggest difference in the conditions was the fact that the recent image was during a very wet and misty day so I suspect the polariser has really smashed out the colour 🙂

    The first image was with the D80 and 18-200mm (the exif data is all there i think) and it was taken not quite from the same position, this I think contributes to the spin out in the comparisons, couple this with a extra 2mm wider and i think that would explain things 🙂

    I did go there with the mind to see what I could compose without being too conscious of my last visit there years ago…. sadly I think my compo skills have not really improved lol

    cheers for the visit mate.

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