The Enlightened Path

as i read thru my quarterly Tollway statement it suddenly dawned on me… and lets keep it succinct… as a member of society, no lets be real, as a number in society, i am nothing but a revenue source for corporations and governments each finding new and unique ways to screw me over.. example on point, my good friends at Tollway are one such company, i get charged a fee for them to make an automatic credit card payment, i get charged another fee when its declined cause my card got max'ed out from the going thru 3 toll roads in Sydney in one day, thats enough to max out any card 😉 … then they want to charge me another fee to send out a paper statement….
.. next they will be charging me to use the exit way on the motorway to encourage me to use more toll road 😉

On the days when I catch the train, i get a little extra sparkle knowing that for at least on that day i have avoided paying motorway tolls. 🙂

here's a picture of a happy place and 'my' enlightened path.
(before all you marine savvy peeps jump up and down, that red light over on the right is a fisherman with his red headlamp… not a Nav light 🙂 )

A little background on the image, its a panorama image made from 7 portrait orientation frames, each frame is bracketed (one at 20seconds and one at 5sec) to capture both the bright lights of the town, lookout, nav lights etc and also the less bright sky. The exif for each one is f2.8 iso 5000 @ 14mm

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