I have watched this now not so little Pandanus grow over the years and am very glad it has weathered the storms and exposure, which is pretty impressive given the harsh conditions where it is, several metres from the ocean and ontop racks.

10 years ago it had a friend that stood only metres away from it and was certainly the bigger sibling at the time, it however succumbed to something, weather i suppose.. now this one is reaching similar height and i do wonder about how long it'll last . Most people probably don't give a crap about some half baked tree on a rocky outcropping, but i sure do, if only from the perspective of it being a nice photographic scene, that said its always nice to walk along the beach and see it still standing up there, a reassuring familiar part of the scene … its a bit like that old friend you have not see for yonks which you catch up with every now and gas bag and see how things have changed….. sure as night turns to day its more interesting than those freaking rocks, those things dont change at all…

….. unless.. people come and build cairns 🙂 seriously what is the fascination with stacking a bunch of rocks on top of each other..? some pointless exercise to say that you were there ? that leads me to the next point (as you can see there is some linkage in my rambling 😉 ) there is a really cool rock right about where I am standing to take this shot which some clowns have turned into a rather large mound of rocks…like.. not pebble size but like 20kg like size rocks… as my daughter would say.. what the heck ? so each time i go and visit my old mate 'Pandanus' i'll be sure to uncover his other mate.. 'stoney cold rock' (or whatever the his name is…) one rock at a time..
Why can't people just leave stuff as it is, take a photo if you want a memory 😉

7 thoughts on “Pandanus

  1. It's your last remark that catches you….why can't they leave it alone…you and your precious daughter know's the difference…
    It's just fabulously always, Mr.Blacklock…your the best🥀….

  2. This a gorgeous landscape. So much to see in the background, but the star of the image is definitely that heroic pandanus. I have never seen a pandanus before, and yet it looks quite familiar. This is an image to linger over.

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