The forest

view large to find the yowie, he’s in the blurry bit

There’s this mountain up the coast called Middle brother, that’s the name given by Captain cook anyway, I am sure the Birpai people have another name for it, as story has it, it was named after one of the brothers killed by the witch Widjirriejuggi. Anyway back to the point, its the site of a state forest which has been logged a bit over the years, I suspect its survived moreso than other surrounding state forests due to its limited access and rather hilly terrain.

I have been up there once before and there is place in there called the Bird tree, which by all accounts is one of the largest surviving black butt trees around, the tree it self does not appear that big, but when you look at the volume of wood thats in it (these have very thick trunks) you can see why its probably considered so large, this is also the reason for its desire as a timber product over the years, lots of yield in each tree I guess.

I do digress tho, whilst driving up this mountain, in the wet I saw this awesome stand of relatively young trees 30 or 40 years I guess which were covered in mist and positioned nicely for a pano shot, this is not the shot of them unfortunately 🙂 i drove right past because it was so wet and I was on a bit of deadline, i did however promise myself to get a shot of them or similar on the way home. I did finally get to the Bird tree and I did not take a picture there either… because it was absolutely pouring down rain and I was already soaked cause I had to move a bloody large branch off the road to get through. Did i mention that after looking on the NSW environment site that they say 4wd vehicles in the wet only 🙂 oh well.. i did get out eventually 🙂

Onto the picture, this is off a similar location further inland on a equally slippery ass road, i spotted some very similar gums (same sort of age, quite young really) growing in a gulley and thought yeah I ain’t gonna miss these ones, hence got out took a few shots. It turned out alright, however it was not until I got home I realised one of the frames was slightly blurry from camera movement…bummer, its still alright but it annoys me when that happens – oh well just another excuse to go back 🙂

I should have used ISO 800 just to get that shutter up a bit more..

Exif love:
D750 coupled with 24-70mm f2.8 @ 16mm Aperture: f/6.3 and Shutter Speed: 1/40s
ISO 400
out front – no filters, just trees, yowies and mist.


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22 thoughts on “The forest

  1. Nice pano mate, again with a little mist around. It's often the real adventures that leave us with great images, as much for the story as for the images themselves! You can barely notice the blurry section on a smartphone screen (you know, the one that results in all my typos)! I really enjoy your adventure stories as much as your shots mate! 🙂

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