The Gerry and Little E chillout sessions

So whaddya do when its midnight on friday night and you got 10 month old with 3 top teeth coming thru and won't stop crying – well of course, thats pretty obvious right..

1) put on some epic instrumental music from youtube (yes go google's such a thing and not too bad)

2) give said baby something random 🙂 old mint tin with an allen key in it, who pays for rattles these days anyways 😉 that got her to stop crying pretty well straight away 🙂 gerry ftw!

3) edit some crazy light painting photos from Malabar.

and as such we both end up bug eyed to the screens, rocking to some tunes like we are traveling to another universe and rattling a tin and this is where we end up.. one finished photo and one baby fast asleep..

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