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Just some more gif and vivid abuse, for all ya'all who missed it or lamenting the fact that its over 😉 here's your chance to recap 🙂

I was not overly impressed with the opera house projections this year, last year was certainly more impressive.

Also, Vivid peeps if you care, overall my experience was pretty crap, I felt more like a sheep being corralled thru fences and paths then dosed with mediocre bits of art, my suggestion for people visiting next year, keep it simple, see the big ticket items like the bridge and opera house projections, head in at 5pm or after 9pm…avoid any food or beverage stall, bring your own and have a picnic. Maybe vivid should bring in some 'real' street food vendors, you know, the ones which are cheap and of somewhat dodgy quality but what you expect, not some wannabe glamorous boutique food stalls. Maybe talk to the people who run the Addison road night markets they have better food which is somewhat still expensive but a damn sight cheaper than what was on offer..and more interesting.

ON a positive note – i did like the opera house projection sequence with the fern and fungi, very cool

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