The gerry tree

Finally after years of flying over this spot I found this tree perched on the side of sandy sand dune on Stockton Beach, thanks to +Rodney Campbell and +Suren J for the company, it would have been a miserable walk in and out by myself 🙂 and I hope ya's had fun.

I spotted a number of trees a few years back while flogging over the beach into Williamtown in the back of a Lear35 after a recent flight earlier this year in the front of a smash-8 i had a nice clear view of the dunes and spotted, what I have now dubbed, the "gerry tree". It did look quite different from up there, however it met my criteria for lonely and interesting, thus the quest for a photo of it started 🙂

+Rodney Campbell, +Suren J and myself spent quite sometime photographing the tree from various angles and using multiple techniques (see one of rods version here:
one of the shots was a result of some funky light painting on the tree while at high isos to capture the sweet milkyway view and hence the first of a few images of the gerry tree

D7000 with a sand filled Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 @ 11mm- Aperture: f/2.8 and Shutter Speed: 20 seconds
out front – absolutely nothing but fresh air and plenty of sand.
to the right – blue coloured LED torch.

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  1. The result of this combination is gorgeous! It's not always easy to work in complete darkness with a high iso without the noise problem, but it was an exellent idea to play with the light that bring the image has a fabulous atmosphere!…A very nice composition for a harmonious work! 🙂

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