The Herd, Summerland

herd.jpg14 Jun 2008, The Factory Theatre Victoria Rd – Marrickville, Sydney, New South Wales.

Pretty good show, nice mix of new stuff of the album and classic stuff, ‘scallops’ was a winner. The Factory Theatre is a damn fine venue, hope to see more here, especially since it is but a 10 minute walk – easy to roll home with a stop at the Vic on the park….

This is the second Herd show we have seen, will definitely go for a third! The first was at the Enmore Theatre, not a bad venue either.

probably only the second time I have visted myspace was to check these guys profile – I wont dare link to that shit tho…

The best place to find info about them and the rest of the solo artists is at

Take the time to check out the solo artists like Urthboy and Ozibatla – these shows usually have half the herd there anyways 🙂

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