The push back

After a pretty stunning landing where the Captain dropped this aircraft on the centreline, literally a nosewheel either side of the centreline, (thats pretty good btw 🙂 ) It was a wait of several minutes to make sure the brakes were not gonna go up in a puff of smoke 😉 – they had used pretty heavy braking to avoid the use of thrust reversers. Finally it was then time for the push back into the temporary resting spot, I guess they will drop the good engines out of it and then put in some time X ones and then push it into its final resting place.

3 Landscape orientation images stitched together

Exif love:
D750 coupled with Sigma 50-500mm f4.5-6.3 @ 290mm Aperture: f/7.1 and Shutter Speed: 1/800s
ISO 640
out front – 747-400

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