The Witch Widjirriejuggi and the fate of the 3 brothers of the Birpai tribe

North Brother, the European name (by Captain Cook) for the hill in the distance and the place where one of the Dreamtime legend Birpai tribe brothers rests.

Like the Napoleon advertisement, its a crime not to prime view large 🙂

It was a bit wild and woolley out this evening – look carefully and you can see the lightning in two places on the right of the image – don't ask how i stitched a image and got two lighting bolts 😉 its a long story 😉 6 landscape orientation images stitched.

Sometimes its worthwhile braving the elements for a shot and this was one such time, although i and others have questioned my sanity here considering the hill (north brother) in the distance did get fried by lightning 🙂 and I was considering heading up there for sunset 🙂

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