Time for a Rest

Another image processed in +Nik Photography CS6 plugin, was considering going BW for this one, however the polarised blue sky and electric grass (don't look too hard at that;) ) got me over the colour line.

One of my favourite seats atop a old rubbish tip – a prime example of how our society/councils can transform wasteland into useable, safe spaces for the community.

28 thoughts on “Time for a Rest

  1. Gerard Blacklock once again you have put a smile on my face…
    Loving the colours all round…
    Simple but telling a story…
    The bench does it for me lol… Would love to see it in B&W … 😉
    Thank you 😉

  2. It's a great shot that speaks volumes to me +Gerard Blacklock. It puts me in a happy place with a smile.
    If yo'd have gone B&W, it would still have been a great shot, but it wouldn't project the same way.
    Thank you for the experience :))

  3. So happy you didn't go to the B&W side.. We're hungry for green grass up here :-)!

    Such a source of good thoughts! I love how you can see a glimpse of the city.. the only thing missing is the yellow brick road! 🙂

  4. +Florin Munteanu good point, there are some paths there, not yellow bricks but still excellent idea and I'll be sure to try that next time and get one in the right position. Things are pretty dry in NSW at the moment, but some areas are doing ok – I imagine its also pretty darn cold over your way at moment too!

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