Tripod Case – DIY

I did see this done some where, but cannot put my finger on it…maybe

Tired of risking the tripod in the baggage? yes, I have seen first hand the damage that can be done to baggage – unfortunatly you cannont rely on getting the tripod on as carryon luggage, hence the need for a sturdy scarifical case. Whilts this was rather expensive, prolly since I went to bunnings, you could do it a bit cheaper.

Cost of stuff….

1.5m long, 100mm diameter AS/NZS 1260 SL19 – ~ $13

Qty 2 Endcap adapters to suit 100mm diameter (Vinidex) AS1260 – ~ $4

Qty 2 Endcaps 100 mm diameter – ~ $5

Adhesive stuff, went the hardcore pressure stuff (green) cost the same but assumed it is stronger due to pressure rating – ~$4.50

Now, measured this up to suit my Manfrotto 190XPROB and 486RC2 head and what do you know…it don’t fit.. crapper, so after a few tweaks, ie a scallop out of the tube it just squeezes in there, anyone owuld have thought they manufactured the 100mm diameter dunny tubing just to make tripod cases…perfect fit there!

So..its pretty easy really, just chop to length, probably the key part cause if ya mess this up our buggered…then glue the ends on, in my case a bit of filing to make the scallop and done…just wait for the glue to dry.

So, pictures say a thousand words…

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