Some days the lighting just comes together and its like the world is under a super sized softbox.

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4 thoughts on “Virgin

  1. It could not have come out more perfectly. When I was flying a lot I loved Virgin service. For long flights, nothing beats them, or at least that is how it was back then.

  2. This is a really nice shot.

    I love the Virgin 777W. One thing I have noticed in all the shots of Virgin 777W's that I have taken is it always seems to VH-VPD that I snap!

  3. Cheers +Carolyn Fahm I am glad you have had good service on them, I can't stay i have done any long haul flights with them on;y domestic short hops and I have very little to complain about except the seat pitch (spacing) but I do that on most aircraft 🙂

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