29 thoughts on “Vivid-a-licous

  1. Hey +Gerard Blacklock can I use this image in a composite ? I've got a model that needs a top and your 'Vivid-a-licous' photo would add a nice bit of colour (and coverage) to the image and add to Vivid fever going around πŸ™‚

  2. +Carolyn Fahm
    did you know that the Sydney Opera house is a world heritage listed item ? along with all them pyramids in Egypt and all.. it really is a amazing sight, one with most in sydney, myself included, take for granted!

  3. +Gerard Blacklock nope :-/ I had wanted to be there for the New Order concert actually and the Bjork installation at Carriageworks but it wasn't possible in the end. Thought about next weekend but the weather seems a bit iffy. Might come down the long weekend in October. We'll see .. I was just saying to someone today I need another early morning excursion (or is it the brekky??) to get inspired lol :))

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