10 thoughts on “What to do with all those old harddrives? I got craploads of these, I even remember my first harddrive which i paid like 300 bucks for..it was 20Gb :)

  1. I started out life totally pre-computer, and then went into punch cards and paper take and piles and piles of printouts. Who would have ever imagined that something that started like that would have evolved to change the world so profoundly? I would imagine that you can get all sorts of fascinating light patterns with your new models, with no model releases to concern yourself with!

  2. Paper tape was the worst. I had a beta counter that outputted through paper tape which had to be fed through a tape reader into our PDP-8. It was a triumph getting these metres and metres of tape read without is twisting and kinking. At one point I had a whole team assembled just to spool is so that it didn't twist.

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