Wicked Curves

Sometimes at work I have been known to be a bit of a PITA to my manufacturing brethren, I often get calls from sheeties cursing me and asking why the f%$# did I put a lightening hole in there.. to which I usually giggle, ' cause i can' 😉 ..
but.. this architect takes this to another level, if I was the builder for this.. I would be like, why the f$%# did you not make at least a couple of levels the same.. actually why the hell did you make everything different ? 😉
Well I suppose on the bright side the builders are not gonna get bored, different shape every day..

2 thoughts on “Wicked Curves

  1. This looks like the sort of building that would give the Bauhaus architects nightmares! I love the way you used soft tones and low contrast to enhance the luscious curves. This wouldn't be an easy build – no for T-squares, for instance. It looks like French curves have come out of retirement to get something this flowing and lush.

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