Wide Brown Land

Deserves a wide pano i reckons.

So after asking where in Canberra Chaos would like to go, she says,
'that place with the gumnut houses'
me: 'oh right, i can't remember what I had for breakfast, can you give me some more clues? 🙂 '
chaos: 'That place were we took a picture with the rocket ship 🙂 '
ahh now I understand, I did have her convinced that the Black Mountain Telstra Tower was indeed a space rocket 🙂

She also said she wanted another picture there (https://flic.kr/p/CEkDax) with her sister in the same spot, so after a cool session at the Arboretum with the two best Aunties we stopped by to grab a quick shot. Tickles was mighty unimpressed due to the fact she was almost asleep, but with some promises of everything under the sun by Chaos she diligently sat up on the sculpture and scowled for the photo 🙂

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