Almost Silent Cocytus

I have to say, I have had it up to teh neck with shit 20mm fans, I have had three in this box, all of which have seized and stop, not that its super critical from a cooling point of view, but nonetheless, three different branded 120mm fans locked up in a relatively dust free environment, also its not like there are being switched on and off all the time, they just about just sit there running 24hrs a day…The first one was a Zalman, not particularly quiet either, but cheap, the second was some non-descript number an dthe third a coolmaster one, which seized after only 3 or 4 months I did not even notice it had stopped until I checked the temperature logs…

Nonetheless, it now has a Artic Cooling one in there, which is pretty quiet, so that sorts out the exhaust fan, however the CPU cooler is a tired old Arkua Socket A CPU cooler Arkua7228 , great heatsink, but the fan is built for performance rather than quietness, so it was off with that bad boy and on with a 80mm fan adapter and a old/new nexus 80mm fan – the space was a bit of a issue but it is a multi-processor machine so I just moved to teh other socket position – I don’t think my gateway/firewall really needs to be a dual processor number 🙂

Now, cocytus is suspend high above all, literally and running very quite with the most noise coming from the harddrive!

Mental note, buy up big on the dirt cheap socket 370 coolers from eyo soon, damn cheap and great for us oldies running ancient systems..

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