So.. lets recap on this particular day.

9am. Sunny.. no clouds, hang washing out. Sky looking awesome for startrails.

11am. Sunny.. no clouds, clean bathroom bring in clothes which dry within 15 minutes in the.. did i mention sunny no clouds sky.

3pm. Sunny.. no clouds, clean kids room and find all the contraband hidden behind wardrobes, under beds, in shoes, in pillow cases and remind oneself to conduct a shakedown of each child prior to allow entry to the bedroom for that thing they call 'trying to go to sleep' 🙂 bit hard to go to sleep if your juiced up on 6 Ferrero rocher's.

5pm. Sunny.. no clouds, carry out a few errands in the car, noting the clear sky over all of sydney, looking awesome for startrails.

7pm. Sunset approaching.. no clouds. deploy to chosen star trails location which I have waited yonks for and have a night without kids and suitably dark sky period. Looking awesome for star trails.

8pm. Sunset.. no clouds lookign awesome for star trails and setup camera after all the tourists and fisherpeeps leave.

9pm. Lightpainting shenanigans whilst waiting for the dark night period from 9:40pm to 11:30pm… yup you guessed it.. no clouds.

9:40pm.. no clouds.. start camera to capture star trails.

9:50pm.. wtf! out of nowhere and local to the spot I was in.. a bunch of clouds magically appear.. i mean c'mon! I look around and there are no other clouds except right there directly above the headland I am on…

10:00 pm pack up camera, kick dirt in the direction of the clouds and ride my pushie home copping a face full of those great spiders that insist on setting up webs at head level.

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