Camdenville Public School Garden Party

Pretty good day I reckon, I highly rate the International Food stall run by two very professional young chaps, for the record the German Bacon and Cream tart was a cracker and excellent value 🙂 These guys are so efficient they had the change ready before I had even paid them…

The Cake stall in the gardens was also a bit of alright (as it was last year), the world finest/famous Ginger cake is certainly worthy of a mention and the cupcakes have set a new record with Tickles, that being, she ate more than the icing… so they gotta be seriously good 😉

It was also great to see some teachers get the opportunity for a little pay back on the kids in the dunking tank 🙂 here is looking at you Chaos 🙂

We needed a timelapse of the garden section of the Camdenville Paddock Community Garden, so I gave it a crack and even with a bit of wind some rain it turned out alright, got most of the day too.. 7 hours out of a gopro with a external battery sitting out in the rain.

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