Coalcliff Creek

This little freshwater creek running into the ocean was in the process of excavating the dunes to straight line, it has been thwarted by some solid rocks which means it slides down a slippery 'S' into the incoming surf. This however, works in my advantage, the S curve creates some nice lines and just screams 'vertical pano' ok its probably a good chance I am the only one hearing that voice 😉

I had quite some time to really set this up and ensure it worked out, typically vertical panos using a wide angle lens (at 16mmm) without a proper pano rig can be a distortion nightmare.

I achieved two things with this shot, 1) the increased vertical FOV and 2) maintained depth of field thru the image, this was somewhat important since that rock in the foreground, the one in front of the one with the leaves on it is only 50 odd centimeters away, or 3ft for the imperial people. I was sitting on a rock just behind teh tripod which was at its lowest level.

I took 3 portrait orientation shots here, in each one the focus point was changed to ensure the maximum depth of field was achieved, the first image (bottom frame) focused on that rock with the leaves, the second image (middle frame) focused on the rock half up picture on the right and the final image (top frame) focused on the pool.

Exif love:
D750 coupled with 16-35mm f4 @ 16mm Aperture: f/18 and Shutter Speed: 30s (all shots)
ISO 100
out front – Hoya CPL and Lee Graduated 0.9x Filter

24 thoughts on “Coalcliff Creek

  1. BTW: – probably 1.5ft (not 3) but who's quibling 🙂
    That nicely placed yellow leaf in the foreground really pops mate. I was unsure exactly what you were doing when I saw you taking this. But the vertical pano does make sense (I hear voices in my head sometimes too :))
    Do I tag Deb and I as those tiny people over near the pool 🙂

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