The important thing to note in these series of images.. is not the fact that I have taken pictures of two ladies from behind on bikes (note I balance it out with a dude on a bike too 😉 ) but the fact they are riding on dedicated cycleways (with no helmets too 😉 ) and seemingly getting along with other road users…

I never did get a shot of the sea of bikes parked outside the train station, however the word sea is correct, I have never seen so many bikes in one spot! how the hell you would find you bike in there after work has got me stumped 😉

Australia, we have a lot to learn when it comes to bikes – the culture in Denmark and Sweden in regard to cycling is polar opposite to sydney, there is no road rage, no agro .. cars and bikes get along and there are ample cycleways…there is none of that hatred that exist in Sydney between cyclists and motorists..

In Album 2016-08-04

4 thoughts on “Cycle

  1. A very civilised way of accommodating both modes of transport then. I love all the brilliant colours of summer of the cyclists' clothing. Sydney is surely many, many times the size of Copenhagen. More people in a confined space tends to lead to fraying tempers, sad to say.

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