So.. if I told I walked for days and nights to get to this spot just to great the right time of day blah blah blah.. would it the image any better. I'm gonna say no, the experience of getting the image, definitely worth it…

I stopped in here on the way home only because the traffic was equivalent to what the M5 is like …. at.. lets say.. anytime of time day when there is daylight.. its a $4.20 parking lot. Hence 10 minutes off the highway is Evans Lookout which I have not been to in about 10 years, I think the last time I went here Sarah Joy and I walked the Grand canyon walk. I spent the last 30 minutes of daylight enjoying the view without having walk more than 100 metres 🙂 I call that smart photography 😉

back to the M5 – i reckon the tolling should be based on travel time, ie if the collective masses are not travelling over say 70kph than the amount tolled decreases proportionally to the average travel speed – given all the cool data they capture for traffic (including google) it would not be hard, think of it like a KPI for the M5 operator.. 🙂

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71 thoughts on “Evans

  1. This was right off your traffic ridden commute route:? It is one of the most magnificent places I have ever seen or even imagined! Once again your photography has me gasping in awe!

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