Its a long way to the bottom if ya wanna


a mere 160 metres of free falling water which for a drop of water takes only seconds to get to the bottom… me on the other hand….holy slippery ass steps batman! all 600 of them! and when you get to the bottom its like being in a shower anyway, hence turn around and walk right back up.

If i did that everyday I would be as buff as +Vin Diesel Club , well i suppose at the least my legs would like his arms :–/

In all seriousness, its a very nice waterfall, one of the highest in Australia and the best part about it…wait for it .. there is a Cafe at the top which has the best cheesecake…ever..
trust me, after you walk to the bottom and back again then eat a piece of Cheesecake and you will be in heaven šŸ™‚ and they are generous sized ones too, not like the crap you get in sydney where its the size of your little finger, another reason why the country rocks (compared to the city)

Exif Data ('cause i know your hanging out for it šŸ™‚ ):
2 frames (had 3 but only used 2) manually blended together to get the dynamic range.
D750 coupled with 24-70mm f2.8 @ 24mm Aperture: f/10 and Shutter Speed: 1/30s
ISO 200
out front – circular polariser (Hoya CPL)

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49 thoughts on “Its a long way to the bottom if ya wanna

  1. Wow! Very impressive! Cool angle lets see the size of the waterfall! I imagine the spray down! But I also imagine the intense buildup to the summit, even if there is a delicious reward at the end of the course! ;p Anyway here is a picture and description that invites us to visit this place! Well done! šŸ˜‰

  2. My parents had a cattle property close by in the 70s. None of those stairs to get to the bottom in those days. You had to Indiana Jones your way down and back. I have a photo I took from the wall of the valley on the other side lloking back towards the falls. Went in whilst it was still dark and climbed as far up the wall as I could and waited for enough light to take the photo I wanted. Didn't work out :-/

  3. +Gerard Blacklock nicely captured, Iā€‹ know those falls and area well. I grew up nearby in Taree. Yes its really wet down the bottom. Barrington Tops is worthwhile checking out if you can catch it in good weather. Be warned though it is very unpredictable there and the roads flood quite quickly in a storm.

  4. +Ferg Hyde
    bugger about the photo šŸ™‚ especially after all that pain, i can only imagine how hard it would have been without the stairs!
    The area nearby is awesome, lovely country side and really quite fertile land (to my untrained eye anyway) – I wish i had a cattle farm there šŸ™‚
    Thanks mate.

  5. Thanks +Matthew Fowler I have been to Barrington twice a long time ago and its on my bucket list for a photo safari, both times I went there it was all foggy and wet, not so good for camping but in hindsight would have made some great imagery šŸ™‚
    Taree is a place I drive past frequently but rarely stop, i do want to check out Old Bar one day, have you been there?

  6. +Gerard Blacklock very familiar with Old Bar. I did my Surf Life Saving Cert there. It's a very long open beach. You might want to check out Saltwater Point or Red Head/Black Head for photos, they have nice headlands. If you do visit Old Bar try the Maurtian Cafe for an authentic curry šŸ™‚

  7. The wood fired pizza joint there is pretty bloody good as well +Matthew Fowlerā€‹. My little sister still lives there so I head up and make a nuisance of myself as often as possible. Never miss the Old Bar Beach Festival held the Oct long weekend. Best time.

  8. +Matthew Fowler and +Ferg Hyde
    Thanks for the reccy details guys, for years I have driven past there on the freeway and said, damn i gotta get there one day šŸ™‚ no excuse now.
    Hey, you remember that festival up there when the plane crashed into the Ferris wheel :-0 ? – I have always wanted to fly into that little airstrip there too (also the one further north at Camden Haven)

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