I learnt two things from a nice old bloke who I met at the very end of this jetty. 1) you can catch some awesome prawns here smile emoticon (but don't tell anyone else πŸ™‚ ) 2) They shipped houses over on barges to get to the suburb of 'Long Jetty' – no prizes for the reason why they called it Long Jetty.
Its always great to meet a local, they can really give a insight into a place that can't be had from reading stuff online or in tourist literature. The other interesting point he made was regarding all the weeds in the water, which extended out past the end of this jetty, apparently these are only fairly recent (that could be 20 years given the age of this bloke πŸ˜‰ ) and are a result of increased nutrients in the water from surrounding suburbs.

I gotta say, these jetty's (and this one is one of the shorter ones) are really really long and looking at them from someone who has never been there before they seem kinda strange, however given that they were typically built back in the 1940's era when there was no access road to area and there was no bridge to the north it makes sense since everything was barged/boated in. It's a cool legacy to have and I bet all the local hobby fishermen love these jettys to go out and fish on.

Now that I know where this spot is now, I'll be sure to visit again, its actually not far off the freeway and makes for a great spot to spot on the way back from up the coast.

Exif love:
5 landscape orientation frames frames stitched together
D750 coupled with Nikkor 16-35mm f4 @ 35mm Aperture: f11 and Shutter Speed: 3s
ISO 100
Out front – Hoya CPL and LEE Graduated filter 0.9x

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