Just a little house with a view

ya gotta view this large.. its a crime not too

Its got this cool patch of grass in the front, which given the right cold conditions and a fresh layer of frost would make one very awesome ride πŸ™‚

There quite a number of angles on this building in the Canberra National Aboretum, one of which is across the highway which means you need a pretty long lens to get the shot, even down the bottom of the hill in the actual Aboretum you still need at least 200mm i reckon.

This is with the 300mm lens and is a panorama of 6 landscape orientation shots.

Exif love:
D750 coupled with Nikkor 300mm f4 @ 300mm Aperture: f6.3 and Shutter Speed: 1/80s
ISO 100
Out front – bigass hill, some cool building and hill worth sliding down!

16 thoughts on “Just a little house with a view

  1. WOW'EFFECTS! I can't imagine the the view from the top , Gerard …but I did catch the two love birds enjoying the the veiw on the bench! Smashing capture! +Gerard Blacklock​ ….it would have been…a crime! PossibLy years of detention …funny man.

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