So apparently this rock is pretty famous and a favorite for photographers, however they neglected to mention that to get the cool cliche shot you really need to be there at sunrise to capture it with nice light, which in summer, is kinda not realistic with small children 🙂 However, what is amazing is the level of detail that cameras can bring out nowadays, you can pretty well underexpose the shot to capture all the bright bits then draw out the shadows, even in this scene, which is the worst for it, shooting right into the sun i was amazed that you can bring out so much detail and make it a bit edgey to boot 🙂

So here we have Chaos with her tourist pose on doing a great job of showing off the scale of this rock, which by the way is a lot smaller than it looks in pictures.

Apparently it has formed over thousands of years by loose rock washing up against it in the tides hence 'necking it'

6 thoughts on “Kannesteinen

  1. Chaos triumphant! Thanks for the suggestion of underexposing when including the sky in a daylight shot. All my shots are daylight shots so this is definitely something to try. The rock shows geological time in a remarkable way. Definitely an image to cherish, especially as Chaos grows older.

  2. +Carolyn Fahm
    it works most times, however it does depend on what you want you want your shot to end up like, for example, i know a few people who when doing portrait work over expose slightly and bring that back in post process.
    That rock is pretty cool, i can only imagine the time scale for that to form 🙂

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