Selje Abbey

So this place was built around 1100.. thats awhile ago, i do wonder whether this view has changed much since then though, the modern little boatshed is obviously a fairly recent affair, however everything else including the rock fence is hundreds of years old, technically the landscape is thousands /millions of years old πŸ˜‰

It would not be hard to visualise this scene and lose your self in time πŸ™‚ i would probably avoid visualising the black plague time .. since half of Norway got wiped out in that, but maybe choose a nice warm summers day back in a time before the world had heard of a nutter called Trump.

11 thoughts on “Selje Abbey

  1. Help us and save us all from such a dire fate! If the worst happens, and I am praying that it doesn't, maybe the Vikings could rise again and save us!! Structures built of stone are almost, but not quite, everlasting, and this entire scene does look like it is beyond this time, but hopefully not during the plague years.

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