Lens Dust? Does it really matter…

At first I was always worried about dust, got really worried when my 18-200mm started filling up with little specs, over time I have come to realise that even dust plonked on the rear element has little effect on the overall quality of the image. Now I worry more about composing the shot then the possibility of dust inside! Probably the right way round.

For example, take my 55mm micro lens, this lens is nice, very nice, considered very sharp and has a good rep, my one came secondhand and was missing part of the focus ring 🙂 It also had a by yello dust blob on the inside of the rear element, not centre stage but off to one side, at first I was worried, then after taking some shots, then more shots, then craploads of shots, I have never seen any degradation of the image quality even when trying to look in the spot where it might be.

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