Long Bay Textures

where nitrates, phosphorus and potassium meet the ocean

well, i might be over dramatizing it a bit, but there was some very lush green grass nearby which I am sure was not there way back when 😉

This mixed with some lovely Sydney sandstone makes for some great colours and textures, especially when the use that cool blue dye to see where all the runoff ends up ( see here for more http://goo.gl/IIzhK0)

The sunrise looked pretty bland with a thick band of cloud planted firmly on the horizon and clear skies above, however as I always say, things can change quickly and suddenly clouds were coming from everywhere 🙂

This hidden little gully on the golf course at Long Bay had lots of little shelfs and water ways, especially with the big swell and high tide. This particular little shelf just screamed to be photographed, there were some noice waves coming over it, however I did not manage to capture them, darn that patience thing again 🙂

Pretty simple image, single exposure with a graduated filter and polariser, not too much in the way of dynamic range and hence plenty of shadow detail to be seen. Might need to clean the old sensor, cloning out the dust spots is getting a little onerous 🙁

D750 coupled with 16-35mm f4 @ 16mm Aperture: f/16 and Shutter Speed: 70.7
ISO 100
out front – Lee Graduated Filter (0.9x) and Hoya CPL, bigass swell and lots of cool textured rock.


48 thoughts on “Long Bay Textures

  1. +Chris Sutton
    yeah good point, how is the RX100 going now? its such a great little versatile camera.
    If you visit this part of the city, just watch teh golfers…not only are they mad.. but terrible shots, a liability if your sunriing it 😉

  2. Outstanding work and fantastic view… so special atmosphere! I And yes, things can change quickly …. 🙂 and I love those clouds sudden coming from everywhere. Wonderful mood. Thank you very much for sharing +Gerard Blacklock Have a great week to you too. 🙂

  3. +Gerard Blacklock Hi Gerard, after a third problem with the original camera it was replaced and no problems so far. It gets a fair amount of use though, I'm taking maybe 40 shots a day on average. A mate of mine was visiting recently and he bought the Fujifilm XT1, great little camera, looks like SLRs from the 70s, good results as well.

  4. Sweetness mate – I like that sweepy S curve you've got going there – I have a couple of a similar compo too (nowhere near as wide) – tho it pains me to say I havn't even started looking at my shots from this morning yet… at least I have imported them into Lightroom tho… hey it's a start! 🙂

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