Madden Falls – Darkes Forest

Madder version

I have been meaning to return to this lesser known set of falls down south towards Wollongong since way back in 2014 when I first bush-bashed my way in. The falls are located at Darkes Forest near Madden Plains and are actually a quite accessible, there is even a board walk to the falls – however and its a big one, the trek to the base of falls is not so easy – although i reckon third time round I will have the better track sussed out 😉
There are lots of slippery-ass rocks and trees to thwart the passage in so care must be had.

On this particular day I had joined the mad southies from the Focus group for sunrise at Little Austimner which was enjoyable, yet rather wet 🙂 i had a bit of time to burn on the way back so I thought it a very opportune time to check out the falls. It was great to have some company from some keen Focus shooters (Grant and +Mike Hankey ) and I am sure they had doubts about actually getting to the base of the falls 😉

This particular shot is from the first platform of the falls where Mike ended up first – I initially lost Mike in the trees enroute to the base of the falls only to see him perched up there with a prime view of the falls, it is a great view point on the falls and lets you get out of the way of the spray and capture the wide view of the scene with water some down onto the platform and also into the pool below, which by the way was pretty full, to give you a idea, the water flow on the very left into the pool was where I was standing last time i was here (see this

This image is blended panorama using two exposures for each frame (12 vertical sets), its the first time I have properly used a panorama head (thanks Rod and Lorena) and I can really see the benefits when at close range – it makes stitching a absolute breeze.

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