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  1. I read that the Vietnamese military found two oil slicks "consistent with the kinds that would be left by fuel from a crashed jetliner."

    Still hoping and praying for the best though…

  2. Very bad news! πŸ™
    In 10 Days I'm leaving from Thailand with Malaysia Airlines….

    I feel very sorry for the people in the plane and their familys!

  3. A terrorism is possible, because of the fake ID. They might have bombed the plane, since it disappeared from the radar so suddenly. But if it really was an terrorism, they would have at least said something about it.

  4. Maybe, could be they're just trying to get all the facts together. They probably won't really know anything until they can analyize some of the wreckage.

  5. I heard reports the aircraft was close to being at its fuel limit … something that's being reported a lot these days – airlines not filling up due to fuel costs ..

  6. That also could be a possiblilty. It certainly wouldn't be the first time that happend. In this case it would fall on both the airline and the pilots.

  7. +ken mckean at least two of the password were stolen or not for the correct people per the news – not that I believe a word of what the news spews .. its all hearsay.. very strange for a plane to not be able to be found – its not a cesna – its a 777.. there are more electronics on it to help it be noticed that anything.. something just is not quite right..

  8. Agree, I have no doubt that there was some sort of foul play that happened on that flight. But to what end? What did they accomplish? Was it a failed hijacking? etc..

  9. We may never know unless some group comes forward, that area is third world countries and Muslim so who knows there intensions. But those passports from 2 years ago showing up for that flight is just to much for me to thing mechanical problem.

  10. This may sound crazy but maybe they should start installing some sort of self-defense mechanism in aircraft. For example if a situation arises in the cabin the Captain would have the ability to activate some sort of knock out gas. Neutralize everyone and pick a nice airport to divert, land, and said individuals would be apprehended by authorities. Then again the rest of the passengers would probably want they're money back for being knocked out, maybe even sue. lol

  11. +Gerard Blacklock there are only two things we can be sure of.

    Aircraft generally don't have a sudden catastrophic event while cruising.

    There are no coincidences, the two stolen passports at roughly the same time and in the same place speak volumes.

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