Narrowneck – Castlerock

Someone told me I should start taking my photography serious 🙂 So I took that advice on board and have decided its best if I wear pants when shooting now 🙂 , now don't take that outta context, i'm talking about long pants rather than just shorts which are pretty well a staple for me year round, irrespective of location 🙂 however, no more shorts for me and in this case, I am kinda glad, its not the cold that bothers me (you don't lose much heat outta skinny sticks you know..), but more the harsh shrub which for the first few metres on the track here would be a rather nice exfoliation treatment but after that probably more like walking against 40 grit sandpaper 🙂 hence long pants are good 🙂

For the last few years I have photographed the Sydney CBD Anzac march on April 25th, however this year I needed a break from the crowds and people so I took myself off to the Blue mountains at a suitably ungodly hour to avoid traffic and people 🙂 worked nicely.

I have been eyeing off this spot on a little spur off the narrowneck ridge near Katoomba which is part of the walk to Castle rock, I have plans to take a few images of the milkway here but so far the weather has out smarted me so thats gonna probably wait another month at least . The walk here is pretty mild, however the track does get fairly tight and shrubby which is not overly pleasant when walking in pitch blackness battling of little spiders and dodging low branches (for me anyways), that said, it was mozzie and snake free for the most part which counts for alot in my books.

The sunrise was not too shabby either and there was even a bit of fog rolling around in the valleys below which when the wind came up later in the morning ebbed and flowed up and down the valley walls, pretty cool.

So here ya go, this is me taking it serious, pants and all.

BTW, NPWS, frogs and logs department, Office of heritage or whatever they are called today, you gotta fill the potholes and ruts in this road 🙂

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