Its a world of death out there

and predators waiting behind every corner

Whats really cool about this shot, which is another 3 shot macro panorama, is that with even realising it, I captured two, possible more unrequested models, one of which is dead.

Can you spot them ?

Look directly below the fungi, which by the way, how awesome is this little guy perch on a the trunk of fern punching a line to freedom 🙂 Anyway, looking below the fungi in the cool mossy stuff, you can see a silvery insect, a dead grasshopper. Looking over on the far right (and you really need to see this on the full res version – zoom on in 🙂 ) that blurry brown dot, that a spider, possibly the predator to this grasshopper…and whats that hiding behind the bark on the left….

A little detail on how this image is created.

The image is a the stitch of three landscape orientation images, the images are taken on a tripod (upside down to get low enough – the sirui (N2204X) tripods and not real good for macro, my old manfrotto 190xprob is much better since it's centre column can be orientated horizontally).
The scene is lit with a SB600 flash and a white diffuser screen placed between the flash and the fungi. The position of the flash/light source is super important since it can result in a dynamic 3d scene that pops off the screen or a dead pan flat image when placed in the wrong spot. In this case, the light source is low and to the right of the frame, basically the flash was on the ground.

EXIF love:
D750 coupled with the Nikkor 55mm micro f/2.8 lens
aperture: f/36
shutter:1/60 sec (flash synced)
iso 800.

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