No amount of processing will fix poor composition

I think this image is a good example of the statement, more so the composition side of things, whilst the processing is pretty minimal, the image lacks impact, direction which can be found in good compositions. The long exposure gives it some interest and the poles add a bit…. however without that it would be on the trash heap.

Single frame, long exposure
Exif/setup love:
D750 coupled with 24-70mm f4 @ 24mm Aperture: f/14 and Shutter Speed: 272.1s
out front – Lee Graduated Filter 0.9x (3 stops) and Lee bigstopper

28 thoughts on “No amount of processing will fix poor composition

  1. +Alison Christensen
    hmmm, that's good question, I dunno to be honest – usually when I look at a shot and think meh, the first thing I do is (providing the key elements are there) is either go wider or go tighter, mainly to simplify the scene or accentuate a particular element – so +Alison Christensen now that ya got me thinking…i would have / should have gotten down closer to those rocks and made them fill the foreground and let the water lead up to the sky, possibly position those poles in the frame as anchor points for the view up into the sky 🙂

  2. indeed, critique is great way to learn.
    Sometimes one can take a shot and then it just doesn't work and you can't work out why, and as you say this has the elements, just the composition needs to be tweaked.

  3. I don't know – the white water wash makes for some interest and I kinda like how the headland splits half the frame. I don't think the poles add anything for me (they're way too small and are more a distraction for me – esp in the smaller image in the stream – almost look like accidental scratches?). Maybe getting way closer to those foreground rocks below and have less sky?

  4. I don't know…I think you salvaged the image with the long exposure & agree with +Barbie Esch/Hodges​ re the balance & +Rodney Campbell​ re the headland (& the posts being a minor distraction). Get too close to the foreground rocks & you risk losing perspective & flattening the image (sacrificing mid ground). It's a tough one. Thanks for posting +Gerard Blacklock​ & getting us all thinking!

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  6. rotate the file 😉
    Maybe a little less sky……too much of a fight going on for the attention imo

    still a good photo; wish it was mine or my subject

  7. +Scott Hamilton
    exactly right and this one of the most enjoyable bit about photography and art for that matter, everyone has a different view and perspective, each just as valid as the next. Being able to critique others work is a sure fire way to improve your own ability to 'see'.

  8. +Chris Sutton
    I do have a frame of the same composition with a shorter shutter, I always take a test shot before the 3 minute long exposure – I am going to take alook at that and see what I cna do with it. Thanks for the comment mate.

  9. Thanks +Tom Testone good thoughts there – you know what, this is why I do not think when I go out and take pictures… I would be umming and ahhhing over a shot for hours 😉
    Glad it got you thinking – it has also done the same for me, thanks mate.

  10. You're welcome +Gerard Blacklock​! 🙂 I'm often overwhelmed when faced with a gorgeous scene. I often don't know where to begin! I too will pick a spot and a compisition for fear of suffering anslysis paralysis! Was it the best possible? Did I do the scene justice? All questions I ask myself afterwards. I always answer 'I'll aim to improve on it next time!' 🙂 I love the journey & challenge! Thanks for your posts and shares that remind me why I love photography so much! Got to get back out there rather than being bogged down with getting my business off the ground!

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