So I send a message off to my good mate (well he is now 😉 ) Havard saying we are looking forward to staying in your airbnb (have you figured out that I am a fan of airbnb yet ? 😉 ) and seeing some more cool mountain views. Noting that we had never been to this area or seen any imagery of it.. so Havard messages me back and says, 'yeah we have some nice mountain views', excellent, that sounds promising I thought… well if they reckon this is nice I can only image what a Norwegian thinks awesome views are 🙂

I took a drive up the valley to a dead end where the was some cool looking blocked off tunnel that resembled something out of a James Bond movie, then hiked 3 hours in the driving wind and snow to get to this spot (.. well ok.. maybe it was not that long 😉 but it was cold and apparently its summer).

The peak here is Romsdalshornet and it stands about 1500 metres above SL, i passed a couple coming down from the rock face on the right who had ropes and stuff that looked like they were out for more than a late night stroll, note it was past 11pm at this stage 🙂 There was also a bunch of teenagers setting up a tent for the night (if you can call it that 😉 ) back a few hundred metres, awfully civilised too. The other cool thing, I had the whole place to myself 🙂

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