Seagull toes

Little Bay

I have visited this spot probably half a dozen times over the last few years, this particular shelf is really only accessible and covered in cool green stuff and timed with sunrise a several times a year, multiple this by the availability factor ( 🙂 ) and it becomes pretty hard to be there at the right time :). It really has to be lowish tide and low swell, pretty well anything else there and is a good chance you will change the local sign with the body count from 4 to 5.

Now if you thinking, I would have to be pretty keen to be standing here as the wave washed over, bear in mind, that off frame, just to the left there were a bunch of seagulls, they did not even bother to move as the water washed over the shelf and tickled their little toes 🙂 couple this with the fact that the waves which did wash over are only the large set which happens roughly every 7 minutes or so.

D750 coupled with Nikkor16-35 f4 @ 16mm
Aperture: f18 and Shutter Speed: 2ss
ISO: 100
Out front: Lee Graduated Filter 0.9x and Hoya Circular Polariser

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