view large and spot the bridge climbers

Its a pretty wild place. Driving back from a sunrise session the other day I passed the local 7-eleven just up the road from where I live and noticed a news crew setup out the front. I did not think much of it at the time but found out later that someone took to two people there with an axe, crazy stuff. I reckon they might need to change the sign back to 'The Wild West' from the 'Inner West'. I still remember the old days in Newtown and surrounds, certainly not the latte sipping culture it is now 🙂

Its pretty shit that you turn up to a 7-eleven to grab some late night goodies and get attacked by some nutter, hopefully the two that were attacked do make a recovery and return to some resemblance of a normal life again..

Anyways, here's a whole bunch of images stitched together into a panorama of Sydney Harbour, quite nice after the sun (well what there was of it) had gone down and lights of the city cut through the scene. No axe wielding peeps out there on this night, just the couples armed with cold pizza and wine for a romantic evening on the harbour…or thats what it seemed 🙂

22 thoughts on “Sydney

  1. Far out…..
    Partly for the fact you were in the vicinity when the incident was being cleaned up, but mainly for the detail and deliciousness of this pano.
    Top effort, G!

  2. Ohhhhhh!!
    (> 0 <)/ I enlarged and … Awwww tack sharp captures of details (especially the details of the metal monster) let me jump!! Awesome!!
    and I didn't know people can climb in the night. people are so tiny and cute. Colours, framing, brilliant details, huge size of whole image…everything in this image is gorgeous!! Really awesome work, Gerard!! And I like your caption note too, funny and cool as always… thanks a lot for sharing!!
    (> 0 <)b

  3. Sometimes words cannot possibly do a (panoramic) photo justice – this is that image. Part of the mystery is how you managed to capture this so well…

  4. +Ted Edwards in this case, its all about the timing, you need it to be dark enough that all the city lights are on but still light enough for some detail in the sky. This was well past sunset and in that time often referred to the 'blue hour'
    Have a great weekend mate.

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