The Lonely Happy Fisherman

I think one often assumes that because someone is by oneself that they must be lonely – i guess in this instance i initially used the word lonely merely to describe the fact he was the only one on the beach (excluding me).
There is something refreshing and soul rejuvenating about being by oneself, to enjoy the thoughts, the sounds of the location and the isolation – for me, its a great way to recharge the batteries, ready for another week of chaos, people and life in general.

Taken with the venerable 105mm f2.5 nikkor, a lens that cost me less than 200 bucks and seems to please me more that a 1000 dollar lens 🙂

15 thoughts on “The Lonely Happy Fisherman

  1. Agreed +Gerard Blacklock . Alone doesn't always have to be lonely. And if you are always in overcrowded meetings, the city, or just have a lot of noise and chaos in your life then some solitude, especially with nature, is GREATLY APPRECIATED!

    A great photo as well as the words to go along with it.

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