Vivid Divot

Well, its here again, standback for the onslaught of the crowds with cameras at the ready 🙂 i suppose i can't really talk 😉

I think if I do go again, I really want one to wear oneof those cool bright blue trackies that the girl down on the grass is wearing – what a way to stand out 🙂

This is Central Park, once was Carlton United Brewery, now apparently a green, liveable village. If you like that kind of thing I suppose, then its pretty cool.. 🙂 I liked the Brewery better, back before all these damn craft beers hit the market, sure some of them are nice, but some are terrible, makes me want to have a cider instead 😉 I digress..

I did like the way the plants on the building matched the garden beds and multiple green spots within the image, very fitting.

Exif love:
D750 coupled with Samyang 14mm f2.8 @ 14mm Aperture: f/3.2 and Shutter Speed: 1/3s
ISO 640
out front – central park and some lady in a blue trackie

6 thoughts on “Vivid Divot

  1. +Gerard Blacklock that old brewery sure has been transformed from my old Uni days at UTS! I recall the smell of yeast, malt and Hopps during lectures! I must admit it wasn't my favourite smell! Sure glad the beer didn't taste anything like that! Lol

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