New Order

feral budget time, its like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

Well, for those local to ozzie land – you now have a new Federal Budget where maternity leave is a safety net and not a salary topup 😉

A budget which is clever politics by the Liberals and a smart move but at the expense of any real significant change. I welcome the day when our politicians grow some balls and do something that is genuinely in the interest of the nation and not for their short term political gain.
As for that infamous red tape – last time I checked my industry is drowning in red tape and the government is forcing more down our throats…

anyway I digress and politics really is a boring -ass topic.

Onto the imagerry (see what i did there? 😉 ) , I have been holding on to this image just for this moment…federal budget time, its like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow 😉

This is a two image panorama to get the full wide angle view, the problem with rainbows is that they usually bring rain, couple this with a filthy sensor and this image did start from a chickenpox infested base 🙂 the healing brush got worn out on this image 🙂

Exif love:
2 images stitched in PS.
D750 coupled with 16-35mm f4 @ 16mm Aperture: f/14 and Shutter Speed: 4s
ISO 100
out front – Hoya CPL, Lee Graduated 0.9x Filter all covered with lots of spotty rain drops 🙁

27 thoughts on “New Order

  1. +Gerard Blacklock LOL Love the analogy. Have to agree, the government tends to have either a 1 term mindset or a 'please vote us in again' mindset.

    Love the image! You're a patient man dealing with all the 'chickenpox'! LOL Have you ever had any issues with uneven polarisation between images causing banding when stitching? I've been a little reluctant to try as have heard it could be an issue.

  2. Lol +Gerard Blacklock​ you should have a chat to my wife. She's been giving the sailors a run for their money with the expletives directed at the Liberal Government since the budget came out. United Voice will be campaigning heavily for reforms on child care policy and budget.

  3. But the pot there's! Not filled with money but of luck, rainbows sometimes can be prodigious. I wanted to say thank you +Gerard Blacklock to you (fingers crossed) and your rainbow… brought me a lot of luck, I had do a important medical examination that worried me, and it went well! 🙂 You know, the work is fine and also other responsibilities go forward.. but if health is not good… nothing else makes sense.

  4. Hey +Tom Testone , sadly yes 'please vote for us again' 🙁
    re. polarisation and banding – i have had issues (no relating to a CPL use) where very fine gradients do not stitch or blend very well – ie like a cloudless morning with subtle hue, this often results in banding – i did had a image awhile back where it was very noticeable and took alot of work to correct.

  5. +Matthew Fowler
    lol – i am starting not to listen 'cause i get so frustrated at these clowns who are clearly monkey trained in speeches yet still seem to come off looking like ass-clowns! – but yes child care is real bug bear of mine too – maybe 'cause we shell so much out for it!

  6. +Gerard Blacklock I think I'd fall off my chair if I heard them make a decision based on the best interest of the nation! Thanks for the info re using CPL. Will have to give it a go now I've heard you haven't had any issues.
    +Patrizia Melis glad to hear your medical examination went well. 🙂 Health is always something that weighs on the mind.

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