Welcome to the little pothole

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House long exposure, like any landscape shot (and I use that loosely since this image could almost be a cityscape too) often getting the right dynamic range can be a challenge, even with newer, more sensitive sensors often you still need to employ additional techniques to achieve the desired dynamic range, especially when trying to replicate what your eyes saw on the day.

The bigstopper adds another level of complexity to it, these tend to add quite a bit of vignetting, (for my lens anyway) so one must also combat this issue also.

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11 thoughts on “Welcome to the little pothole

  1. mmmm foggylicious Gerry – nice bigstoppering and love that hole full of water

    if I was being super picky dude I'd say it "feels" like it tilts just slightly to the right (could be the optical illusion with the bridge going slightly away from us – mines the same I think) and the brightening of the rocks leading into the milky water on the right looks like it has bled into the water a touch

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