Wild and Woolley

There have only ever been a few times when i have found it nearly impossible to take a few shots at a sunny rise session – today was one such day. This shall serve as a reminder for future shoots at this location ,high tide and blowing a gale, not really optimum for getting that nice water flow over the rocks, especially with the swell as erractic and pretty lame as it was.

Anyway, it did serve a good morning for doing some recon on some potential spots and also some spots to avoid.

There was only two fools silly enough to be out in these conditions, me and a fisherman, who spent most of the time chasing his bucket down the beach as the wind swept it up. Although driving past Austinmer I did notice a gaggle of photographers braving the conditions at a proven location 🙂

Anyway, onto the image, what a cool set of double barrels 🙂 this is me perched precauisly on some slippery water treatment plant pipes holding the tripod to stop it moving, or was it to stop me falling off into the drink ? 😉

+Adam Lee i hope you enjoyed the sleep in – a very wise move.

31 thoughts on “Wild and Woolley

  1. Unfortunately I didn't sleep in. I was walking down to the harbour at 5:20am. Found the same conditions as you. Temp wise it was so nice, but the wind! Crazy!

  2. I saw in the past many longtime exposures, outwashed horizont, stones in water that looks like wadding, no one got the Idea to include a detailed forground. Hope so this picture shows what many photographer can make better.

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